RLH Student of the Week: Clara Miller-Broomfield

This week we have the opportunity to present an interview with Clara Miller-Broomfield, who, like last week’s student of the week, moved into the RLH in the fall of 2014. Clara is a sophomore studying Romance Languages here at Truman State University. She has been an integral part of our community and exemplifies many of the characteristics we seek in potential members.

Clara Miller

* * *

What language(s) are you studying?

I’m studying French, Spanish, Italian, and Catalan formally at Truman, and I’m also teaching myself a bit of German, Portuguese, and Romanian.

What are some methods you use to develop your language skills?

I listen to the news in French whenever I have time, I frequently listen to music in all the languages I’m studying, and I go to mesa/conversation table every week. I will also sometimes search out random YouTube videos of native speakers so that I can get exposure to how the languages sound when spoken.

What has been your favorite language-related course thus far?

That is a difficult question to answer, but my current French class (425, phonology and advanced grammar) is really helping me to fine-tune my pronunciation and review a lot of the grammatical concepts I never fully learned in my earlier classes. I am also really enjoying the Catalan class I’m in this semester.

How do you intend to use this/these language(s) in the future?

I like the idea of translating poetry or literature ideally because it combines my passion for languages with writing and creativity in general – two other things that I enjoy. So in an ideal world, I would go on to do some type of translation work, but I’m not entirely sure of all that at this point and it could certainly change in the future!

What organizations are you involved with (in addition to the Romance Language House)?

I am involved with Hablantes Unidos (a Spanish service organization), Pi Delta Phi (the national collegiate French honor society), Anthropology Club, Omicron Delta Kappa (a leadership honor society), the TSU Symphony Orchestra, and the Kirksville Community String Orchestra.

What would you tell a prospective member of the RLH?

I would tell a prospective member of the RLH to absolutely join this community if interested, even if he/she has some doubts about it initially. Last year, when I was trying to decide whether the RLH would be a good fit for me, I came close to deciding again joining because I didn’t think my Spanish would be good enough. I have discovered through living here, however, that a resident’s proficiency in a language is beside the point so long as he/she is passionate about that language and passionate about contributing to this community. I have met some wonderful people and some of my best friends as a result of living here, and I don’t regret my decision at all!