April 13, 2015: Truman’s and Mizzou’s Catalan classes meet

Part of Catalan Class Spring 2015 at MizzouCurrent Romance Language House residents Eber Gibby (far left) and Clara Miller-Broomfield (in blue) attend the VI Symposium on Catalan Language, Literature and Culture in Memorial Union at the University of Missouri on April 13. Also pictured are Jacob Fling, 2011 RLH resident (second from left) and Antonio Gómez, 2015-16 RLH resident. Kendall González (far right; the only one who didn’t get distracted by the cameraman) and the other members of Truman’s Catalan Language and Culture Class got to meet the students of Catalan at Mizzou, along with their professor, Dr. Mónica Marcos-Llinás. They were accompanied by Truman’s visiting Catalan instructor Dr. Maria Antònia Martí Escayol. In the dinner that followed at Broadway Brewery students were privileged to meet Maria Barbal, renowned Catalan novelist, hosted by Dr. Marcos-Llinás for the symposium.