April 17, 2015: Two RLH residents invoke their poetic voice…

Poetry Event

“Otros versos sencillos” was the title of the evening of Live Hispanic Poetry hosted by Professors Lídice Alemán and José Carreño on Friday, April 17. Three poets from Mizzou — Eric Blandón, Alessandra Molina and Martín Mulligan — shared from their publications, and many of the students in the Poesía y Cinema class took the podium as well. To a crowd of over 40 people two longtime RLH residents (2013-2016) invoked their own poetic voices: Keilah Sullivan (left) and Madeline Smith (right). For more information on the poetry of Professors Lídice Alemán and José Carreño, see blog entry below (January 12). The artwork for the publicity was done by RLH resident (2015-16) Antonio Gómez.

Keilah Sullivan reads at Otros Versos Sencillos April 17Madeline Smith reads at Otros versos sencillos April 17