About Us

Mission Statement

Working as a community, the residents of the Romance Language House will increase their knowledge of the Romance Languages through their daily use. Residents are encouraged to speak and interact with each other in either French or Spanish. The residents’ focus should be on the development of their fluency, and the development of an open mind about world-wide cultures.

What is the Romance Language Wing?

The Romance Language Wing is a special wing within Missouri Hall reserved for students studying Spanish, French, Italian, or Portuguese. It is housed within the 1200s and 1300s rooms of the first floor of MO Hall.

Who lives in the Romance Language House?

Members of the house can range from freshmen to 5th-year seniors and have varying levels of mastery of Spanish and/or French. They are Spanish/French majors, minors, and people who are simply interested in Hispanic and French culture in general. It is required that members have intermediate proficiency (see below) so that they can both contribute to the house and enjoy its activities. Many students in the ROML House have studied abroad or plan to do so. The Romance Language House has an upper-classman student advisor competent in a romance language and eager to facilitate hall activities with language as their focus.

What is intermediate proficiency?

Students with intermediate proficiency can generally

Ask and answer questions
Say things that are not memorized
Use polite expressions
Discuss likes, dislikes, family, school, etc.

Could you be a Romance Language House resident?

Are you flexible and cheerful?
Do you know what to say when you meet someone?
Can you hold a short conversation in Spanish? Or French, Italian, Portuguese?
Are you patient with people who may not speak as well as you?
Are you eager to learn and open to teaching?